Lead Pastor


Jeth Looney is the pastor of Doxa Church in Orange Park, Florida. Jeth grew up in Green Cove Springs where he spent his early years playing baseball, surfing, and making music. At the age of 9, he surrendered his life to Jesus. The ensuing years were filled with a breadth of experiences ranging from trips to the principal office to time in the back of a cop car. After all these experiences culminated in 1999 when Jeth felt the call into ministry. 

In June of 2002, he married his beautiful bride, Kerri. Jeth and Kerri have two children, Blake and Caden.  

In an act of pure providence, Jeth was called by his first church to serve as a student pastor in 2002. During this time, Jeth attended a small baptist college in the panhandle of Florida where he studied church music. He continued to serve in student ministry and graduated from Liberty University in 2010. 

After shepherding students for eleven years, he transition to a campus pastor role in a church restart. He ministered faithfully for a season but that all changed in July of 2013. Jeth was introduced to something called “church planting” and began praying about whether God was leading his family to plant a church. 

In July 2014, God led the Looney’s to a new church plant in the urban core of Jacksonville, The District Church. Jeth served as a volunteer before eventually transitioned into a pastoral role, where he was responsible for all disciple-making. The season at The District Church served as catalyst for the call to plant a church. In September 2017, Jeth started a church plant residency with The Church of Eleven22. In following months, he formed a core group to cast a vision for planting Doxa Church.

Jeth is known for his down-to-earth personality, compassion for others, and affection for preaching the Scriptures, so people can understand the true nature of redemption. When Jeth isn’t reading a book or surfing, you can find him spending time with family. 

Jeth’s hope for Doxa is to lead a gospel movement where every inch of Orange Park and Clay County is filled God’s glory through disciples speaking and showing the truth of the Gospel in all of life.