Jonah: A Reluctant Prophet, God's Remarkable Mercy


Join us on February 3 at 10:00 AM as we begin our journey through the book of Jonah!

Jonah is a tiny book of the Old Testament and one of the minor prophets. Although short in length, the four chapters are packed with seismic theological themes that I believe deeply resonate with the Christian life, the local church, and human beings. In this book Jonah, we encounter divine sovereignty, human responsibility, idolatry, mission, and redemption. It's truly a great book that's much more than a fishy tale. 

As we behold the life of this reluctant prophet through the course of this sermon campaign, my hope is for our church to be challenged and encouraged to examine ourselves. My prayer for our church is to understand these truths:

  1. God has called us to go and declare the Gospel to ALL people.

  2. Our obedience to God's mission has real implications for us and others. 

  3. God has and can use the world to judge the character of His people. 

  4. God will allow us to reach our lowest point as a means of mercy and grace. 

  5. God's Word is effectual no matter the mode or motive of the messenger. 

  6. Jesus is the better Jonah. 

May the Lord use our beholding of this tiny book to transform us more into the image of Jesus for our joy, the good of our community, and ultimately, the glory of God! 

Soli Deo Gloria, 

Pastor Jeth Looney 

Jessica Deems