Never Fall Short In Your Prayer Life Again


I can remember my childhood visits to the county fair. These visits were most enjoyable as a young boy: seeing all the lights, smelling the food of different vendors, and feeling the thrill of the rides. Occasionally my happiness turned to sadness when I realized I wasn’t tall enough to ride a certain ride. It was an upsetting moment to know I didn’t measure up. Prayer can feel like falling short for a ride at the fair. The good news for disciples of Jesus is these feelings of inadequacy are indeed fiction, not fact. God has given us His Word to help us never come up short when we pray. 

One of the books I have found really helpful for learning how to use the Bible to guide my prayers is “Praying the Bible” by Donald Whitney. In this brief book, a Christian is offered hope, encouragement, and practical steps to allow Scripture to transform his or her prayer life. The Bible is a fountainhead that never runs dry, overflowing with wisdom and direction for our prayer life. I encourage you to read this book. It will not disappoint and is sure to bring you greater delight as you approach the ear of God! 

Soli Deo Gloria,

Pastor Jeth

Jeth Looney