Creating Discipleship Conversations


On Sunday we celebrated our first Family Worship & Potluck gathering. It was a great moment for our church. It provided an opportunity for families to worship Jesus through singing, prayers, reading the Scriptures, and observing the tangible expression of our trust in Jesus, the Lord's Supper. My hope was to create opportunities for discipleship conversations between parents and children, spouses, and friends this week. I've provided several key points and questions to help start the conversation. I'm prayerful those conversations bear good fruit in the life of Doxa this week and the coming months.

Soli Deo Gloria,

Pastor Jeth Looney


Great are the works of the Lord, studied by all who delight in them. Psalm 111:2
  • Read Psalm 111:2 again together.

  • Point out the word “Studied”

    • What does it mean to study? [i.e. devoting time and attention to something or someone]

    • What are some things we like to study? [i.e. Youtube videos, Video games, Nature, Sports, etc.]

  • Point out the first portion of Psalm 111:2. Even read it again! Focus on the “Great Work of the Lord” that the Psalmist speaks of.

    • What is the great work? [i.e. Gospel / Redemption]

    • What does the word “Gospel” mean? [i.e good news]

    • Why is it good news? [i.e. God saves sinners]

    • How does God save sinners? [i.e. through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus]

    • Do you see yourself as a sinner? In what ways? Examples [i.e. disobeying the rules, attitude of selfishness, etc.]

    • How can I be saved from my sin?

  • Read the second part of Psalm 111:2.

    • What happens in the life of those who study the great work of the Lord? [i.e. delight, joy]

    • How does the good news of the Gospel make you feel? What word best describes the emotion you feel about the truth of the God’s work in the Gospel? [i.e. grateful, happy, relieved, comfort]

    • What are some ways we can grow in our delight of God’s work in the Gospel?

      • Gathering with my local church on Sundays to worship Jesus

      • Singing songs about and to Jesus

      • Reading the Bible

      • Listening to preaching and teaching from the Bible about Jesus

      • Serving Others

      • Giving to the local church

      • Celebrating Communion

Jeth Looney