Prayers of Old Saints: George Matheson


This Sunday we learned from Pastor Jeth that prayer is not only about a relationship with our Father, but an expression of our worship. Matthew 6:9 shows Jesus praying to the Father, “hallowed be your name”. That might be a foreign expression to us, but carries significant weight about how to pray, honoring His name as holy and set apart.

This week’s prayer is from George Matheson. George Matheson was a Scottish pastor and hymn writer who lived from 1842-1906. Matheson was blind from the age of his youth, and his writings and lectures being so were well received, even Queen Victoria enjoyed them.

Help me too, my Father, through his Spirit to yield you my spirit. Let me not wait to yield it till a dying hour. Give me the power of death in the midst of life, the surrender of the will amid the haunts of men. In the scenes of busy labor, in the struggles for daily bread, in the hours of silent trouble, in sickness and in health, in poverty and in abundance, help me to yield my soul to you and say, “Father, into your hands I commend my Spirit.” 

Jeth Looney