Doxa Kids


To the Parents of Doxa Kids,

Can you believe it has been five months since Doxa Kids launched? What a joy it has been to see such a big group of children worshipping with us every Sunday. During group time, our leaders have been faithfully pouring gospel truth into your child’s heart through study, story, and videos. We are truly blessed to have such faithful leaders for our growing group of K-6!

Our Next Step

Starting on Sunday, June 9, we will take the next step as a ministry by kicking off our new curriculum: The Gospel Project for Kids. Your child will be guided through a structured time reflecting on an Old Testament story, beginning in 1 Samuel, to witness how God works in and through the lives of his people. Each of these small stories will point your child to the grander story of the redemption of God’s people. Each prophet, each priest, and each king in our Bible story will point your child to the perfect prophet, priest, and king who ultimately became the perfect sacrifice for our sins. In addition, each Sunday your child will bring home an activity sheet with a recap of that day’s lesson. We encourage you to review it as a family to help reinforce the gospel truth learned in group.

The Gospel Project for Kids has been written and developed to help your child embrace the truth that God’s grace has been fully revealed to us through the person of Jesus Christ. This is just a next step in achieving the mission of Doxa Kids: to help your child behold, obey, and be transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We look forward to seeing you and you child on Sunday as we dive into this Gospel-centered curriculum!

Jeth Looney