4 Things To Know This Week


Community & Culture Night Recap from April 22, 2018. Download the PDF For Reflection Questions. 

Community & Culture Night Dates. We are excited to share all the dates for our Community & Culture Nights. 

Community & Culture Night's Serve As A Baptism. Have you ever watched a public baptism? It's a joyful spectacle, but here are some simple facts. A person must get in the water to be baptized. A person must also go under the water to be baptized. A person must come out of the water to be baptized. Our Community & Culture Nights are like that. We want to people come get in the water, help them be immersed in the culture of the church we are planting, and see them come up eager to join our gospel movement. Therefore, Community & Culture Nights are for ALL people: skeptics, the curious, religious, and the Christian. Community & Culture Night are a great entry point. 

Generosity Flows From Gospel Affection. Our costs are relatively low in these early stages of planting Doxa, but reality that will change down the road. We will host public worship gatherings in the future and that require us to make some major purchases. Financially sowing now will be a huge help later. Additionally, generosity is not restricted to just money, but stewarding you talents, gifts, and time (1 Peter 4:10). Most importantly, if the Gospel has bearing on all of life this would include: time, talents, and finances. Our generosity flows as our affection grows for the Gospel. The more we behold the Gospel generosity becomes our response. 

Jeth Looney